Where are MBR's located?

Currently there are no locations open.  We chose to close all locations to focus on franchising our concept.  Once complete, we will immediately reopen 3 locations in the Kansas City, Missouri and Kansas area.  We also have requests for locations in New York City, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, Atlanta, Tampa, Orlando, Charlotte, New Orleans, Memphis, Birmingham, Charleston, Las Vegas,  Detroit, Louisville, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Jackson, and Tupelo, MS.

Is the 12th haircut really free?

Yes, there are no gimmicks!  We feel the best way to show our appreciation for regular patronage is to award our customers with a free service.  Weekly customers will receive 4 free haircuts a year and bi-weekly customers will receive 2 free haircuts every year.

What makes MBR different from other chains or neighborhood barbershops?

Almost everything about us is different.  The only thing we have in common is that we cut men hair.  Our concept is designed to give back to all parties involved.  We strive to have the best paid staff along with benefits in the industry.  We also strive to give back to every community in which we serve.  In addition, we’ve created an experience unlike any other in the industry for our customers.

Who can be nominated for the local Wallace Ivory Junior (WIJ) Community Award?

Any not-for-profit organization, youth group, or person that is enhancing the community.

How many donations are made each year by the Men’s Barber Room?

Each location is required to make a monthly donation; therefore 12 donations will be made each year per location.  The total number of donations made by all Men’s Barber Room locations will depend on the number of locations established throughout the country.

How can I become an owner of a Men’s Barber Room?

We are in the final stages of franchising our concept. Please complete our form and we’ll contact you regarding ownership in your area.

Do you employ only barbers or cosmetologist?

We employ both.  All of our staff must meet our strict standard which includes completing our industry leading training that ensures they are highly skilled professionals capable of providing excellent service to any customer who enters our doors, regardless of race or style of haircut requested.