About the Community Award

Since the company’s inception in 2007, MBR started its community award where it was directly able to give back to the communities in which it serves.  The previously named “MLR Community Award” was officially renamed the Wallace Ivory Jr. (WIJ) Community Award in honor of MBR’s most loyal and beloved customer. We wanted to honor our lost friend, Mr. Ivory, by building on his legacy of love for all people, the traditional barbershop, and his community.  Each location is required to make a separate monthly donation on behalf of the customers to a local organization, youth group, or person within their community.

How To Nominate

Every customer at each of our locations nominate via a lottery slip, various local organizations, youth groups, or persons within their community they feel are making a difference.   At the end of the month we allow a customer to randomly draw one of the entered nominations.  Whoever gets drawn receives a monetary donation. The WIJ Community Award provides a fun way to keep the community engaged and inspires goodwill by contributing back into the community.